White People Really Love Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash said some dumb shit, because that’s what Stacey Dash does now.  She is no longer an actress. She is now a Professional Black Dumb Dumb.  Raven-Symone, Ben Carson, and Clarence Thomas are some other Professional Black Dumb Dumbs.  As a PBDD their job is to say dumb shit about minorities and get White People to rally around the lunacy. Stacey Dash is very good at her job. We have proof. All of these are comments left in public on Facebook.

We’ve got the ones thanking her and telling she’s awesome:

Stacey Dash - Facebook Search.clipular (4) Stacey Dash - Facebook Search.clipular (1) Stacey Dash - Facebook Search.clipularStacey Dash - Facebook Search.clipular (2)

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The ones where people agree with her and then go crazy:

Stacey Dash - Facebook Search.clipular (3)


The thinly veiled racists*:



The ones arguing that Black people get to be employees for billionaire white men, so BET should go away:

6528811068293120  unnamed (2)

The ones that just don’t get it:


The ones who don’t understand that BET is not a Black owned company:

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And our winner:



*There were a lot more outwardly racist posts. A lot. I decided to not include all of them because you get the point.


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