White People Crazy…Again

Our favorite white rapper who masks his identity is back! That’s right Rawcus, the genius behind “White People Crazy” has returned with another rendition of his song.

This time he’s more political. He’s focused squarely on the Trumpster. White people elected Donald Trump…more evidence that white people are indeed crazy.

The best part about these videos is that it’s clearly a white guy under the hood and yet, the comments are filled with such vitriol.

Here are some of the best/worst comments. First, let’s talk about the women. They’re clearly whores who’s mere presence is an affront to our great President Pumpkin.

Now, let’s talk about how offensive it is and that no one should laugh at our president.  He’s a serious guy, to be taken seriously:

And of course, since the video is about white people, you’ve got to talk about the blacks:

Keep in mind that Rawcus is clearly not Black.  Man, white people are crazy.



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