White Man Assaults Black Public Official, Lives To Laugh About It

Kevin Johnson is a pretty terrible mayor. He’s basically Kwame Kilpatrick 2.0. But, the man who once posterized Akeem Olajuwon is still the mayor of Sacramento.

Sean Thompson is a white thug who decided to assault a sitting mayor by throwing a pie in his face. Sean Thompson got his ass handed to him by KJ and is now sitting in jail telling his story.

Thompson talked to the media and let them know that he attacked Mayor Johnson because he didn’t like that KJ hasn’t helped people like he said he would when he first ran in 2008.

Here we have a white man who attacked a Black sitting mayor, and lived to tell about it. Not just live to tell about it, he’s laughing about it. Going so far as to even say he would do it again and laugh about the type of pie. He obviously doesn’t have a lawyer, or at least not a good one, since he’s on camera admitting to his crime.

Imagine what would have happened if the races had been reversed. A black man attacking a white mayor? Would it be all shits and giggles then?

Probably not.

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