White Internet Rallies Around FedEx Guy

I read Breitbart “News”. Why? I’ll tell you why. I read Breitbart so that you don’t have to.  I read it so that I can get a glimpse into the minds of people on the other side. I also read it because the tears of neo-nazis fuel my soul, and Breitbart’s comment section is where neo-nazis go to complain about how hard it is to be a white man in America.
Just today saw an article who’s headline was “FedEx Stands Behind Driver Caught on Viral Video Stopping Protesters from Burning American Flag.”
So I click the article, because I find that very difficult to believe. (Here’s a link to the article, don’t click it.) here are the basics: A FedEx driver, in Iowa, happens upon a protest and sees some bros getting ready to burn a flag. Said FedEx is caught on video snatching a flag from some people. And screaming the tried and true mantra of the slack jaw yokel: “If you don’t like it here, get the fuck out.”
The article then goes on to post the tweet from FedEx, wherein FedEx declares its undying support for their employee.  Here’s the tweet.  
Wow. Never have I seen such resounding support. FedEx basically said “we looked into it and we’re not going to do anything. Move along.”
But the Brietbartian Neo Nazis heard different. And White Twitter – Black Twitter’s far less flavorful, less attractive cousin – went crazy.
Someone even decided that the FedEx driver was a veteran.
You know who else wears combat boots? Your mother.
White Twitter’s meme are lacking:
And of course the only real winner here is FedEx:
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