Veronica: Cute Face, Slim Waist

It’s Wednesday, so that means time to share our #WCW.  We all remember what Bell Biv DeVoe famously told us about the type of woman we can trust.  They obviously never met Veronica. The gloriously shaped and remarkably sweet college co-ed linked up with us for a photoshoot.  She’s new to the modeling industry, but something tells us that she has what it takes to stay in front of the camera for a long time.  We asked her about life, beards, and how you clowns can keep a woman like her in your life.


What’s a day in the life of Veronica like?

A day in my life would be attending classes, work and hit the gym. That’s about it.

How long have you been modeling?
I actually just started, this would be my second photoshoot. Cross my fingers it turns long term.

What’s your favorite part on a man?
His smile and personality. A smile is everything, especially when they are pearly white and taking care of. Personality is what keeps me around. You can look perfect but your personality can easily kill the whole vibe.

What made you want to model?
I have always wanted to model, but I never had the time. Also, I tend to procrastinate a lot. So basically that’s what stopped me, but I am going to really try and work on my portfolio. Hopeful it works out the way I want it too.

Describe yourself in 3 words.
Outgoing, Ambitious, and Nice.

Would you consider yourself approachable?
Yes, I am definitely a people person. I love socializing and making people smile. People tend to think I am stuck up, but I am truly the nicest person once you approach me.

What’s the best way for a guy to get your attention?
Best way to get my attention is to make me laugh. Also, if he plays a sport, that is a big eye-catcher.

Describe your ideal man.
He has to be tall, dark, and athletic. I like when guy has a little hood but he is very educated as well. He has to know how to dress too. We must have a vibe and connect. I like when a guy truly understands me and we can talk about anything.

Where can people see more of you?

Do you like a man with tattoos?

What about beards?

What’s something about you that most people would be shocked to find out?
That my nationality is Asian. A lot of people think I am Hispanic. Nope, I am Japanese, Chamarro, and Italian.

See more of the lovely Veronica on her Instagram: @veronicaborjaa

Makeup by @tsmallsmakeup, images by @tsmallsphoto


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