Unroll.me allows you to instantly unsubscribe from unwanted e-mail subscriptions, and turn the rest into a beautiful daily digest that you can easily peruse.  I tried it out myself, and was quite pleased by how tidy my inbox looked after the initial 24 hour period. (I have ’bout 50-11 email addresses that I can use this on, but that’s a whole different story that I have neither the inclination nor energy to embark upon telling).

Suffice it to say, this will clean up your inbox nicely, with the only caveat being this: after 5 “unsubscriptions”, the service will not allow you to continue without “sharing” or “liking” it on FB. ( which, I’m sure, that if you have even a modicum of internet savvy, you will be able to circumvent). Eliminating clutter (even e-clutter) from our lives helps us to focus and direct our energy towards improvement and enrichment –  both key elements of a DOPE lifestyle.

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