On January 2 UFC golden girl Ronda Rousey will fight her 13th professional Mixed Martial Arts fight against Holly Holm at UFC 195.  There are a few things that we know about this fight. First, Ronda will win this fight. She will win very easily. Secondly, we know this fight will not be a good one.  Finally, we know that UFC is dying and this fight proves it.

We’ve already highlighted Ronda and why she’s so much better than everyone else, so there’s no need to go into detail about that here. And yes, Holly Holm is undefeated. But so what? She’s had 9 pro fights and she’s not that good. Her last two fights went the distance, which isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but it shows that she is not the finisher that Ronda is. Not even close. Even the UFC knows how dumb this fight is. Look at what they’ve put together:

UFC 195This proves that this fight should never happen.  Look at the numbers. On paper this fight is dumb.   Even Joe Rogan thinks this fight is dumb .   Amanda Nunes, as Joe Rogan points out, would be a much better fight. Nunes is ranked 4 in UFC . Not that rankings in the UFC even matter. They’re complete bullshit. How does the number 9 fighter fight for a belt? There should be at least seven other people more qualified, right?  Here’s the thing, though, there aren’t any fighters more qualified. I’m actually shocked that there are ten female fighters in the UFC to begin with.

Holly Holm is a boxer. A very good boxer. Her hands are great.  But that still doesn’t change the fact that between these two ladies there are less than two dozen fights. Yet, somehow UFC has decided that this should be the main card.  The undercard hasn’t been announced, but it will most likely be stacked with journeymen and tin cans. So what’s going on here?

Take a look at that graphic again and figure it out. First here’s what Amanda Nunes looks like:


I’m not saying she’s not a beautiful woman, with a beautiful soul and heart the size of Big Pun’s or any of that other PC nonsense. What I’m saying is two “pretty” blonde women fighting is better for ratings.  The fight is already going to suck, my bet is that UFC is hoping to spin this into some weird lesbian pillow fight fantasy.  UFC is no longer concerned with putting the best fighters in the ring, and hasn’t been for some time, they just want hype. They’ll get just that with this fight. People will talk about it for the next four months. A lot. The hype machine will try to contrast the two fighters. Bad girl Ronda vs. The Preachers Daughter. Blah. Ronda Rousey is a lot of hype and Holm Holm is even more.

The fact that this fight will be a pay-per-view event and not the featured Tuesday Night Fight on ESPN Ocho proves that UFC is done. Where’s Jon Jones when you need him?

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