Topless Women Talk Trump

I cannot stand Donald Trump. I think he’s the real clown we should be worried about. I also think far too much has been written about him, but at the same time I understand his newsworthiness.

Even though I kind of despise the man, his running has produced a few bright spots. First, now you know who all of your racist friends are. Secondly, he is the impetus for “Topless Women Talk Trump.” And yes, it’s just what it sounds like.

This small series of videos was uploaded to Vimeo by user Ben W. Not much information is given about the project or the participants.

It’s not just about titties, though. One of the women, Anikka, very accurately points out that this election cycle is far less like an election and more like “an episode of reality television.” She goes on to, again very accurately, state that Hillary is not innocent in the nonsense.

One woman, listed simply as “L,” explains that she doesn’t necessary love Hillary, but when you’re forced to choose between Clinton and “the antichrist” there really is no choice.

Regardless, of which side of this debate you fall on we can all agree that titties are always nice.


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