Top movie pimps of all time

Top 5 Movie Pimps

We’ve all seen pimps in movies and TV. But who are the top movie pimps of all time? We’re here to answer that question.

To quote the illustrious Snoop Dogg: “Pimpin’ ain’t easy, but it sure is fun.” Not everyone can be a pimp. Legalities aside, it’s just not a career path for all of us. That doesn’t mean we can’t watch them pimps on TV and enjoy their colorfulness. So we’ve decided to bring you our list of top movie pimps.

Yes, taking advantage of women is wrong and all that jazz. This isn’t about that. This is about the coolness that is inherent to the profession of pimping. No one can deny that watching  someone like Ron O’Neal, as Youngblood Priest in Super Fly, kick a cop in the chest. Here’s our list of the best movie pimps of all time.


What can we say about Dolemite? He’s the most poetic and prophetic pimp character ever. How cold of a pimp was Dolemite? So cold that he got locked up and didn’t get knocked. Lost none of his bitches! They kept working, they gained new skill sets, and kept bringing in money. They even beat the shit out of “Joe Blow, the lover man.” Clearly, Dolemite belongs on a list of top movie pimps.

OJ (From Boss’n Up)

A lot of you may not have seen Boss’n Up, and you’re missing out. OJ isn’t even the main pimp in the movie, that’s Snoop’s character. OJ is basically his pimp tutor.  This scene exemplifies just how pimpish he is.


Black Dynamite is a parody of 1970s blaxploitation films. But that doesn’t mean that the movie isn’t solid on it’s own. The fact that they so accurately capture the essence of all the pimps and hustlers they’re trying to parody is part of what makes it so great.  Black Dynamite, the titular character, is just a man who’s trying to do right in the world. So what if he runs hoes. Does that make him a bad man? Does threatening to send a whore back to her old pimp who used to burn her with hot coat hangers make him a bad guy? No. Not at all.


Where to start? Willie Dyanmite might be the greatest movie about pimping ever. Willie is the main character and the whole movie is about him trying to keep control over his stable and stay away from the dope game and rival pimps. But the best scene is after Willie springs his hoes from the joint and walks out of the court room in the most pimpish manner possible. “Seven women in the palm of his hand/Willie D (Willie D)/ Got a woman for every man/Willie D (Willie D)”


You’ve heard the line “We can settle this with some class, or we can get into some gangster shit.” Chills.  Goldie was the coldest. The entire scene with Pretty Tony and Goldie is a god damned classic. “Shade Tree nigga, you ain’t no pimp, you’re a resthaven for hoes.” If you listen to rap music, you’ve heard everything in this scene numerous times. Just watch.



Priest isn’t a movie pimp, per se. He doesn’t have a stable. He doesn’t run hoes. He doesn’t send prostitutes. But god damn it if he ain’t pimpish.

Gator was a movie pimp. He had a good sized stable, too. A real good one. But he was pimping at college.  That’s easy pickings, and he never had to worry about getting knocked.

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