In the middle of the sweltering desert lies the buzzing city of Las Vegas, where luxury resorts are all the rage and flashy entertainment can be found on every stage.  You’ll never be bored here, but check out our list of the top five things to do in Las Vegas to get started on planning your trip.


Soar High in the Stratosphere

This 360-degree panoramic observation tower atop The Stratosphere is the perfect way to spend your first night in Vegas.  See it all from 869 feet above the city.  The view alone makes it one of the musts on a list of things to do in Las Vegas. It is also home to insane thrill rides, like the Big Shot, Insanity, X Scream, and the SkyJump.  These are definitely for the extreme thrill seekers, but everyone else can enjoy the stunning views, sip cocktails, and dine in the restaurant. Pro Tip: Don’t be too wasted when you’re at the top, it won’t be pleasant.


A night view of the Bellagio and Las Veg by o palsson, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  o palsson 

Watch the Bellagio Water Show

A mesmerizing, choreographed water show is the main attraction outside the Bellagio Hotel.  This complex water show has 1,214 jets that shoot over 24 stories high! It’s a thrilling spectacle for all; dancing water, illuminated light shows, and the cheers of the crowds on the street. The show runs every half hour during the day, and every fifteen minutes in the later hours.  Check out Vegas’ tourism site for the most up-to-date times.  During the summer time stand a little closer to the fountain, the spray will help cool you down (admittedly very little), but it’s still one of the cooler, free things to do in Las Vegas.


Downtown Las Vegas, Fremont Street, Frem by JoeDuck, on Flickr
Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   by  JoeDuck 

Experience Fremont Street

The vintage streets of Vegas are home to a wild array of activities; zip lining, classic hotels, free music performances, and of course, the world’s largest projection screen.  This is the big draw and a must-see for first time visitors, and one of the better things to do in Las Vegas.  The show runs every hour for six minutes, all you need to do is look up and experience the music and color of Fremont Street. In addition to the light show, there are also GoGo dancers at the outside bars under the light show.  Pretty ladies, flashing lights, and drinks? You have our attention.

Walk the Strip

When looking for things to do in Las Vegas, many people completely underestimate the entertainment value of the Strip.  Besides casinos and restaurants, the Strip is filled with quirky shops and great fashion finds.  Stop in the M&M factory, where there are multiple floors filled with everyone’ favorite candy, or discover Hershey’s chocolate and an 800-pound chocolate replica of the Statue of Liberty.  Shop in Planet Hollywood in the Miracle Mile Shops, a mile of both high fashion and budget finds for every taste.  Taking a walk is not only faster than driving at most times, but it’s the best way to discover the intriguing bits of Vegas some seem to forget about.

This list is just to get you started. As you can imagine you’ll never run out of things to do in Las Vegas. But just remember what happens in Vegas, definitely doesn’t stay in Vegas. There are cameras everywhere!

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