Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times, via Associated Press

Three Stabbed As Ku Klux Klan Rally Turns Violent

This weekend in Anaheim, CA the Ku Klux Klan decided that they wanted to stage a rally. Several residents of Anaheim had a different idea.

The Klansmen had planned on having their rally at Pearson Park beginning at 1:30PM. The rally/protest was to be in support of white culture, according to the Klan. It seems like Donald Trump supporters are becoming more emboldened, but not necessarily smarter.

The counter-protesters showed up several hours earlier, and by 11:00AM the park was full of people who were there to prevent the Klan from rallying.

Several news reports are stating that the counter protesters attacked the Klan as soon as they arrived at the park. The counter-protesters are, of course, telling a different story.

According to a witness, this is the second time in three months that the Ku Klux Klan have attempted to rally at this same park in Anaheim.

Three people were injured and thirteen were arrested, including one Klansmen who stabbed a counter-protester with a flag pole.

The scariest part of this whole story isn’t that people were stabbed. It’s that in 2016, more people are upset about Beyonce’s SuperBowl Performance than they are the fact that the KKK still rally. It’s the fact that in 2016, the KKK still feel comfortable rallying in public.

Top Image courtesy Luis Sinco/Los Angeles Times, via Associated Press


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