Things To Do In Los Angeles

The 4 Best Things To Do in Los Angeles

Welcome to the entertainment capital of America. Where movie stars roam and the fun never stops.  From world-class theme parks to perfect beaches, there’s never a shortage of things to do in Los Angeles.  Check out our favorite activities for this sunny city and get started planning your trip to Los Angeles.

Things To Do In Los Angeles

Universal Studios Hollywood

Jump right into what Los Angeles is really known for – movie making!  Start your day with the famous Studio Tour, seeing King Kong fight with a T-Rex. Famous movie and TV set pieces and more interactive thrills that will shock and surprise you.  The new addition of The Simpsons land is a bunch of kooky restaurants and rides. You can be immersed in 3D adventures and get absorbed right into all your favorite movies.  One of the more memorable and iconic things to do in Los Angeles is check out Jaws.

Hollywood Walk of Fame

Filled with Hollywood glamour and history, the Walk of Fame is the best place for quirky attractions and touristy things to see.  This isn’t a bad thing, as the Hollywood area is a must for any first time visitor to get a taste of the thrill of Hollywood.  Bus tours, walking tours, performers in superhero costumes and a ton of strange shops line the streets.  You’ll love seeing your favorite celebrities immortalized in flashy gold lettering along the sidewalks. And handprints of the rich and famous at the Chinese Theatre. One of the more popular things to do in Los Angeles, Hollywood specifically, is to find your favorite celebrity’s name and take a pic of it. If you’re lucky you might actually see a celebrity or two.



No one is ever too old for the magic of Disneyland!  Having just celebrated their 60th anniversary, Disneyland and its seven lands are better than ever.  Ride classics like the Matterhorn and Pirates of the Caribbean, or enjoy the updated  Haunted Mansion and Star Tours.  Activities here are endless.  Don’t forget about the adjacent California Adventure. Featuring high-thrill rides and exciting activities all in an ode to everything California. Going to Disneyland is one of the things to do in Los Angeles that will absolutely put a smile on your face. It’s the happiest place on earth!


Santa Monica Pier and Beach

Walk along the boardwalk in Santa Monica on any given weekend and you’ll see tourist, bodybuilders, families, and street performers in every direction.  The beach is a fun place for relaxation. There are water games and just south of the pier at Muscle Beach you can see gym buffs getting fit in the outdoors. The focal point here is Pacific Park, where classic fair games, a ferris wheel, and aquarium keep visitors entertained.

This is only a snapshot of all of the things to do in Los Angeles.  And it’s a fairly sanitized version. Stay tuned for our upcoming “Adult” travel blog which will be geared more toward the seedier sides of cities.


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