Terrorists Attacks Columbus Day Protesters

A terrorist deliberately drove his pick up truck through a crowd of Columbus Day Protesters yesterday in Reno, hitting at least four people and sending one to the hospital.

The small crowd of about 40 protesters were protesting Columbus Day and the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota, when a white Nissan Pickup revved its engine and sped through the crowd. One protester, an elderly woman, went under the truck and was hospitalized. Four other people were treated at the scene for minor injuries.

According to eye witnesses, the driver of the truck had “words” with the protesters before deliberately using his vehicle as a weapon and attempting to kill and/or maim as many people as possible.

One of the protesters, Taylor de Lao, filmed the entire incident. In the video you can see the protesters come to an intersection and practice their First Amendment right, when the truck with what appears to be two occupants approaches and revs the engine.

Several of the protesters surround the vehicle, one even tries to open the door, before the terrorists barrel into the crowd.

The interesting fact is that news outlets are not calling this a terrorist attack. In my mind, it can be described as nothing else. This is pretty similar to the attacks in Nice earlier this year that led to calls from the entire world to “pray for France.”

So what’s the difference?

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