Spotify announced today, at a press conference in New York, the addition of a few new features. The new features, including video, news, podcasts, and original content dropped today on iPhones in the United States.

The best but of news that came out of the press conference was that Spotify will take a page out of Tidal’s book and offer exclusive content.  Spotify will team up with several big names to provide original and exclusive content. NBC, BBC, TED, ABC, ESPN, Slate, and E! are just a few of the media outlets who will supply Spotify with video.  It seems obvious that this move is in response to Jay-Z’s mega-millionaire backed streaming service Tidal.  Only time will tell if these new features will be able to stem the tide (pun, intended) of potential subscribers who may jump ship out of allegiance to Beyonce’s and her baby daddy.  In the meantime, we’ll all benefit from more variety in the streaming provider game, because they’ll have to keep fighting for our dollars.

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