Southwest Airlines Pilots Plan On Picketing Employee Rally

If you’re planning on flying Southwest this Wednesday, you may want to think again. Southwest pilots plan on picketing this week outside of the Southwest Airlines Employee Rally.

In a press release to media outlets, the Southwest Airlines Pilots’ Association (SWAPA) has stated that they have decided to demonstrate their “collective displeasure to management, the flying public, and Southwest shareholders.”

The major point of contention between the two sides is that Southwest Pilots have been without an “acceptable” contract since 2012.  SWAPA represents Southwest’s more than 8,300 pilots so you would think the company would want to take their demands seriously.  The plan is to have “hundreds” of pilots come out in a show of force. 

One can only imagine that this is building up to a full on strike.  The last thing an airline company should want is disgruntled pilots.  We’ve all seen how that ends.

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