nipples cut off with scissors

South Dakota Man Cuts Off Woman’s Nipples

In today’s episode of “You Can’t Make This Shit Up…” we have a man from Sioux Falls, South Dakota who got mad at his ex lover and decided to remove pieces of her breasts.

According to Sioux Falls Police, the 39-year old victim was at her home when her ex-boyfriend, Tony Deval Ledbetter, came over, and they got into an argument about their relationship.

This is why you leave exes alone.

Apparently, the argument got heated and resulted in the Mr. Ledbetter punching the woman in the face repeatedly, then slamming her head on the ground “several times.” After bashing her head in, Ledbetter then held the woman down while trying to choke her with a blanket, then used a pair of scissors to remove her nipples.

Ledbetter was charged with Domestic Aggravated Assault and faces a possible 15 years behind bars. Which isn’t enough if you ask me.

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