Someone Should Really Stop Daz

Straight Outta Compton is a success. At the time of this writing it’s made more than $168 million.  That’s a lot of money. We already pointed out that since it’s been a successful movie we’re going to see new hip hop biopics. We also made a list of the ones we want to see first.  What you don’t see on that list is anything involving Daz Dillinger pka Dat Nigga Daz aka Snoop’s Weed Carrier.  Even though no one asked him to, Daz has decided to create his own Death Row era movie. He’s calling it a “sequel” to Straight Outta Compton. Dogg Pound 4 Life will be written, produced, and directed by Daz.  This is a bad idea.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Daz’s music.  I even believe him when he says that he created a lot of the music that Dr. Dre ultimately gets credit for.  Daz is very talented, as a producer.  On Dogg Food he produced 14 out of 17 tracks, including two of my favorite beats: “Let’s Play House” and “Respect.” I say all of that to say that Daz is not a no talent hack. He’s a legit hip hop producer, rapper, and persona.  Someone should still stop him from making this movie.

There are three really big problems with Daz making this movie. First, he doesn’t have the budget to support producing something on the same level as Straight Outta Compton. Not even close.  Compton cost close to $30M to produce. If Daz Dillinger has even one-tenth of that to make this movie I’ll eat my laptop.  I don’t think that millions of dollars are needed to produce quality movies, many movies have been made on the cheap.  I don’t think Daz is that guy to do it, though.  If this movie isn’t shot on iPhone 4s’ I’ll be surprised.

Snoop recently dropped an entire movie on YouTube. It’s not bad, if you’re very, very, very high.  But it’s also not good. And when it comes to budget and talent Snoop has his little relative beat by leaps and bounds.

Daz’ will be working will far less budget than that Mouse Trap had, and if you watch it you’ll see that it couldn’t have been much.

The second reason this Dogg Pound movie needs to be stopped is because no one cares about the Death Row B Team.  “A story about Death Row told from the perspective of the opening acts.” That should be the tagline. Daz making this movie is the equivalent of Candyman or Arabian Prince making an N.W.A. movie.  What are they going to show us? The time they were outside of the room when all of the big decisions were made? Just because they were there during the formation of Death Row and for its most prominent years doesn’t mean Daz is the right person to tell this story. One of the reasons we’ve always like Daz is because he’s a hip hop journeyman.  He’s like the Sedale Threatt of hip hop, important in his own way, but never an All Star.

The biggest problem with Daz making this movie is that Daz is making this movie.  Budget and story aside, Daz doesn’t have the star power to grab the right people for this project. No one attached to this project is a bigger name than Daz.  Fame doesn’t always equate to talent (looking directly at you Iggy Azalea), but it is at least an indicator that people care about you and your projects.  And right now Daz’ level of fame should be a pretty good indicator that no one wants this straight to YouTube movie.

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