Simple Sunrise Drone Footage Is Pretty Relaxing

We are now at the point where aerial drone footage has become ubiquitous.  Unfortunately, that means there a lot of not very good drone footage out there.  But this is different. This is good.

A good video doesn’t need to be fancy, it just needs to have a decent subject.  Photographer Tony Hurst took something simple, sunrises, and made them worth 4 minutes of your life.  The video itself is pretty relaxing.

Grab a cup of coffee, turn your speakers down, and relax to this video

Two different sunrises from three locations on the Thames Estuary. 4k footage taken with a DJI Phantom 3 Professional.Clips from Barge Pier, Shoeburyness, Thorpe Bay and Gunners Park, Shoeburyness. More footage from the River Thames and Essex coming soon.

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