Want to turn your lil’ gathering or house party into something a bit more dope? With this simple recipe for Meyer Lemon Limoncello , you’ll be sure to impress and help everyone at the scene get their minds right.



You’ll need:

2 Qt. Jar or pitcher

12-16 Meyer Lemons, quartered. (if you don’t have Meyers, any variety of lemon will suffice)

750 ml. bottle of grain alcohol ( any good vodka will do. Use Everclear if you really want to get loose)

Add everything to jar. Store in a cool, DARK place for AT LEAST three weeks, but a month is preferable. Visit your jar once every week or so to shake things around a bit. Once the time is up, strain the liquid and store in the fridge to chill, or store in the freezer to keep long-term. Best way to use it?  Add shots of it to lemonade to get yourself/party guests feelin’ right! Or, if you wanna get fancy and impress that special someone, limoncello makes a wonderful, light apertif (that’s a small drink you have before a meal, for you simple bastards), that’ll delight any dame.


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