Senator Richard Burr Proves Election Is Now Race To The Bottom

North Carolina Senator Richard Burr joked over the weekend that he was surprised when a picture of Hillary Clinton didn’t have a bullseye on it.

It’s bad enough to advocate violence toward a presidential candidate. But to be a sitting United States Senator and do it is just insane.

Not only that. You have a guy who’s in a close race and this is how he decides to energize his base. But who can blame him, when it clearly works?

As crazy as it seems that’s not even the worst part of what he said. Bur reportedly told supporters and GOP volunteers that should he be reelected he will do his best to keep Hillary Clinton from filling the open seat on the Supreme Court.

He’s actively telling American citizens that should they hire him he will work hard to make sure nothing gets done. And they love it. This is insane. It’s more a testament of how shitty Americans really are. The winner takes all, no holds barred mentality of WWE has invaded politics.

The new strategy in politics is “if I can’t have my way, I’m going to blow up the system.” In the minds of the idiots in Washington it’s better to have nothing get done than to lose. They are literally playing to a draw. Which is the worst kind of person to be. The kid who always tries to make tic-tac-toe a draw is a dick. You always want to punch him in the face. And now that dick is a Senator.

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