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Roy Jones, Jr. Now Officially A Russian Citizen

Roy Jones, Jr. was once the Floyd Mayweather, Jr. of his day, except his matches were exciting. It is now apparent that he’s taken one too many punches to the head. Jones, 46, has decided to pack his shit and scram…to Russia.

That’s right RJJ says that he feels “more appreciated” in Russia.  In August Jones met face to face with Russian president Vladamir Putin to ask for special citizenship. Putin, for his part, said that he felt the Russian boxing fans would be delighted to have Jones as a citizen.

The “Y’all Must Have Forgot” rapper says he plans on learning Russian so he can better communicate with his new countrymen, saying: “I want to speak so well in Russian that people understand me without any problems. I think that’ll take about a year. I hope that next year I’ll already be speaking like a Russian.”

I have my doubts.



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