RIP Prince

RIP Prince. He Was A Musical Genius (Proof Inside)

Today the world lost a legend. Music God (capital G status), pioneer, and visionary Prince Rogers Nelson passed at the age of 57.  That sucks. A lot.

Not two days ago we were just reading about how Prince was about to make a resurgence (not that he ever went anywhere to begin with). We even got a new track. Yesterday Prince fans, myself included, were happy.  Today we are sad. Today the music world grieves together.

In the next few days and weeks we’ll see more and more articles and posts about how awesome Prince was. All of this will be well deserved.  But this is perhaps one of the greatest Prince memories I have.   Watching Prince wail on his guitar at the Superbowl Press Conference (I don’t remember which Superbowl and it’s not important enough right now to fact check it) whilst flanked by two beautiful dancers was simply awesome.  I watched this live at the time, for some odd reason, and it’s stuck with me ever since. I just wish I had got to see him perform live.

Watch it for yourself, it’s worth it.



Top image courtesy NPR

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