RIDER Is Taxicab Confessions For Millenials

Let’s say you decide to make a little extra dough by moonlighting as a Lyft or Uber driver.  Now let’s say you’re a guy and a sexy woman gets into your car and starts to change in the backseat.  What do you do?  RIDER, a new webseries from the good folks over at Black & Sexy TV, shows us what one man does.   The premise seems very entertaining.

Jeff Oliphant stars as the Lyft driver who’s forced to deal with some interesting situations.  All of the stories are based on real events from Jeff’s time as Lyft driver in the City of Angeles. I can only imagine some of the off the wall things he’s had to have seen, except now I don’t have to imagine.  The show created by Jeff and Ricardo Ultreras and developed by Dennis Dortch and Numa Perrier for Black & Sexy TV.  Check out the trailer below.

Props to Jeff for not wrecking.  I would have just pulled over and watched. But I’m not a gentleman. The first season of RIDER premieres on YouTube Sep. 6. Make sure to check it out.


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