Releasing music while incarcerated isn’t anything new. Mac Dre did it first in the early 90s. Shyne did it a decade later. And a decade after that San Diego rapper Lil’ Spank Booty released his album Early Release while serving time.

Now, the Maejah League Recordz rapper is showing the world that being behind bars won’t stop his flow. Lil’ Spank Booty just dropped the video for his song “Black August.”  The video starts with the rapper in his cell dropping some knowledge about the state of black music, black community, and gangs. Once the music starts we’re treated to something different. This isn’t a song rapped through the phone. Musically, the song is hard.  More accurately, it’s HARD AS FUCK.

Some people may think it’s hard to reconcile a man who is incarcerated speaking from such a pro-Black and positive place. I would say who better than a man in his position to talk about the downfalls of life in the ghetto? You simply can’t argue with the truth in Spank Booty’s music. Lines like “These Europeans gave my people crack and turned them into monsters/they gave the youngsters guns to emulate some mobsters” give you a good idea of where his head is. This is revolutionary music.  Pay attention.



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