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Punishment Island Was Where Ugandan Women Were Sent To Die

What if the penalty for premarital sex was that you would be shipped off to an island to die of thirst, or drown when you attempted to swim back to the mainland? Well, if you were a female living in Uganda that’s exactly what would happen if you were found to be pregnant out of wedlock, or even if the village elders got wind of the fact that you were a female getting some tail on the regular.

Akampane, as it was called by the locals, was(is) a group of islands where villagers would abandon the females who had been accused of promiscuity. The practice dates back centuries in the area and was so entrenched in the local culture that it continued well into the 20th century, even though the practice was officially outlawed by colonialists and missionaries in the early 19th century.

This short trailer gives a real quick glimpse into a punishment that most certainly did not fit the crime.

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