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Easy Weed Butter Recipe

A good weed butter recipe is essential for a lot of good cannabis recipes.  Making weed butter can be time consuming, but it isn’t exceptionally difficult. This weed butter recipe can be used to make a good weed oil recipe, too. Simply replace the butter with oil and you’re on your way.

If you plan on cooking with weed ( and you really should plan to do it), then the first step is to find a good weed butter recipe.  Weed isn’t a seasoning or spice that can be sprinkled on your food and you still feel the effects.  Grinding up weed and cooking with it is a good way to waste a bunch of weed.  The science behind it is simple: THC is fat soluble. It needs oil/fat in order for you to absorb it into your system.  Anyway.  Here’s how you make pot butter.

A lot of people will tell you that you need X amount of weed.  The amount of weed you need will vary based on whether you’re using flower or trim, and also the potency of your bud.  If you’re using a top shelf strain you can obviously get away with using less than if you used some of that Mexican dirt weed you smoked in middle school.  What we’ve found is that you can use trim/shake and get a fairly good and consistent result regardless of the strain.  The general rule is one cup of butter will need between 1/2 and one full ounce of shake/trim depending on how strong you want to make it.  Generally, we like to make it a little less strong and err on the side of caution.

Ok, so first step is to grind up the weed.  When making pot butter you need the weed to be as fine as possible to aid with the extraction of the THC.  We won’t get all “sciency” but grind up the weed in a good grinder. If you have a coffee grinder that works well, too.

pot butter cannabis butter weed butter

Now place your butter in a shallow pan. You don’t want a pot, because you’re not trying to boil the weed and butter.  Melt the butter on low. Once the butter is melted, add the weed.  Make sure it covers the entire bottom of the pan. Keep the heat really low, you’re not trying to cook the weed, you’re trying to extract the THC and transfer it to the butter fat. With a spatula, gently stir the weed for about 30 seconds.  Now, make sure it’s all in a nice layer coating the bottom and leave it.  It will stink. That’s ok.

Now for the hard part: leave it alone.  You’re going to let the pot butter cook for several hours. 3 to 4 hours should be enough time. Every 20-30 minutes or so you’ll need to stir that weed to make sure it’s not burning.  Keep it on low. Very low.

After 3 or 4 hours you’ll have your pot butter. Almost.  Strain the shake/trim/weed out of your butter using cheesecloth.  Now take your pot butter and put in a container and refrigerate it.  Please label your pot butter. You don’t want any mishaps.

A cup of pot butter is enough to make about 20-30 servings. But it all depends on how you’re using it. As with everything awesome, please use in moderation. Ingesting marijuana is vastly different than smoking it, so use caution if you’re not used to it.  Enjoy!

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