Police Sue Family Of Teen Police Killed

As if it weren’t bad enough to be killed by the police, now you have to fear that once you’re dead the offending officer will sue your family.  At least that what is happening in Chicago.

Quintonio LeGrier, 19, was shot and killed by Officer Robert Rialmo last year.  Rialmo opened fire, killing LeGrier and neighbor Bettie Jones, 55. According to a police report, police officers were summoned to the LeGrier’s residence when his father, Antonio LeGrier, called police telling them that his son was swinging a baseball bat in an upstairs apartment in the early morning hours. Jones was shot answering the door, with police reporting she was “accidentally shot and tragically killed.”

LeGrier’s family, as should be expected, recently filed a wrongful death suit against the City of Chicago and Robert Rialmo.  In turn, Rialmo has filed a countersuit and it’s truly amazing.  The suit basically says that because LeGrier swung a baseball bat – that Rialmo says was so close to his face that he could
“feel the breeze” from the bat – it was his own damned fault he got shot and killed.

“The fact that LeGrier’s actions had forced Officer Rialmo to end LeGrier’s life, and to accidentally take the innocent life of Bettie Jones, has caused, and will continue to cause, Officer Rialmo to suffer extreme emotional trauma,” the lawsuit says.

Rialmo’s counterclaim seeks punitive and emotional damages for Rialmo, ranging from $50,000 to $10 million.

So, it’s not enough to be gunned down by the police, now they want to kill you and make you pay for it. Literally. It’s a crazy world indeed.

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