Cops are murders

Police Are Murderers. Ask Samuel Dubose.

Mr. White Man, I just thought I’d let you in a on a secret. Your police force has murderers on it.  I hope you’re not shocked. I would call it an epidemic, but the police, as they relate to black males, are a plague. This plague took the life of Samuel Dubose.

Every week two unarmed black males are murdered by police. Every week religiously.  You can count on it. It will happen. The scary part is that we aren’t seeing all of these shootings and killings. We just see the ones that are on camera.  How insane is that? We can’t go a month without seeing a Black male gunned down, choked out, or beaten to death. That doesn’t count black women or white women or white men.  Samuel Dubose is just the latest death in the never ending saga of police killings. It’s a big problem Mr. White Man.

So what is the solution, you ask?

Fire them. Fire them all. Fire from the top down.  We constantly hear police apologists chant “You have good cops and you have bad cops.”  But that’s a lie.  You have bad cops and silent cops. And by definition of being employed to “Serve and Protect” a silent cop is a bad cop. So, you must get rid of these commissioners and chiefs that hire these bullies to police our citizens.

Imagine if you made the middle school bully hall monitor. Then you were to give him a gun and no principle and a general sense of superiority.  What you’ve done is create a system where people are forced to live in fear of their supposed protectors.

Now we have a video of Samuel Dubose being murdered. That’s all it is. Murder. And yes, the officer who murdered Samuel Dubose has been charged. But so what?  A man is dead.  Plus, we already know that just because an officer is charged it doesn’t mean he’ll be convicted.

And as if it it weren’t enough to kill a person, the next step is always to assassinate the victim’s character.  This man’s name will be drug through the mud over the next few days and weeks. We’ll see reports in the media about the number of children he had, or the fact that he got arrested a few times, or he was unemployed. I don’t know if any of those things apply to Samuel Dubose; but even if they did, and a million more things like them were true as well, they don’t all add up to a death sentence.

Except that apparently, they do.

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