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Pole Dancing Should Be An Olympic Sport

Pole dancing is an art form, and never let anyone tell you differently. But it’s so much more than that. These ladies are god-damned athletes.

I absolutely believe that if rhythmic gymnastics is an Olympic event and you can potentially win a gold medal for rolling around on the floor with a ball, a woman (or man) should be able win a gold medal for climbing up and down that pole.

This video is from the good ladies  at Pole Parlour and it shows that pole dancing isn’t just for single mothers. No, it’s also for athletes. The physical prowess needed to spin oneself around on a pole (ideally while scantily clad) is astonishing.  I’d be willing to wager that there are a lot of MLB, NFL, NBA and NHL players who can’t do what these young (or old depending on the club) ladies can do.

So gentlemen, next time you’re headed to the strip club, tell your lady you’re going to a sporting event.

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