Some People Will Fight Very Hard To Be Racist

There’s an interesting and dangerous phenomenon that occurs every time the police gun down a new unarmed Black person in this country. Regardless of what the initial investigation shows, regardless of what video evidence proves, regardless of what common sense dictates you will always get a group of people who are hell bent on being racist.

Today we have Marko Jerant. Owner of Bookies Bar N Grille in Detroit.  Mr. Jerant, upon seeing a video of an unarmed man being murdered by a police officer, decided that he needed to speak out about all of the injustices in the world. And he did so with these hot takes:

Here we go again. “Hands up” until they aren’t anymore.


Listen to police who have guns pointed at you and don’t get shot. [I]t isn’t hard.

This is very true. It isn’t hard. You know what’s also not hard, Mr. Jerant? It’s not hard to see that an unarmed man walking away from the police doesn’t deserve to die. Even if he was found to be breaking the law. The penalty for resisting arrest, which he wasn’t doing under Oklahoma law, is not death.

I have no idea what happened before that video. I don’t know if Terence Crutcher called Officer Betty Shelby’s mother a “dirty rotten whore of a woman.” I don’t know if he spit on her shoes. I don’t know if he told her to not so politely fellate him.

But I do know two things.

First, he was unarmed and walking away. That means the level of threat that he posed to that officer was very little. Secondly, I know that I hope no one ever sets foot through your doors again.  I sincerely hope that your business is visited by absolutely no one. I wish no ill-will on you or your establishment.

vesI just want you, and people like you, to go away.

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