Oreo Gets The Pixar Treatment And Some New Cookies

For some reason Oreo needs to advertise. You would think that as ubiquitous as Oreos are, it wouldn’t take very much work to sell them.  Junk food is like booze and drugs: it’s so awesome that you don’t need to sell it, it sells itself. That said, I’m not a Cookie Tycoon, nor am I Donald Draper, so what do I know?

The good folks at Oreo have gone 21st century with their new Open Up with OREO advertising campaign. In a press release that accompanied the new videos Oreo said the new campaign was in response to the new “behavioral shift that comes with age.”

Essentially with iPads, iPhones, and all other manner of electronic gadgetry kids are no longer satisfied with simple song about a simple cookie. No, now they need to be dazzled with spinning, shiny things.  Like a bunch of IQ-deficient squirrels.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Oreo is also changing it’s cookie line-up. Red Velvet Oreos are being brought back from the “OREO Wonder Vault,” as a permanent addition to the cookie shelf.  The brand new Cinnamon Bun Oreo will also hit shelves this week. Neither of those sound tasty. But, to each his own.

I do think the videos are pretty cool, though.  And Oreo spared no dollar, they got Adam Lambert to sing.


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