Casino Hoodrat Fight

One Of The Classiest Fights You’ll Ever See

This truly makes no sense. Get all dressed up, put on your best $11 dress and $7 shoes and then you want to fight? And in a casino in Vegas (Looks like the Palazzo)? Who does that? Hood rats (possibly hookers), that’s who. And thankfully several people had the wherewithal to not stop the fight, and instead pull out their phones so that we can enjoy this fuckery.

Highlights of this fight include:

-The friend who walks away like “fuck this shit” in the first two seconds of the fight.

-The white couple who are just trying to get by.

-The girl in the black and white dressed pulled guard, pretty effectively.

-The second girl who falls immediately, then takes off the shoes and rallies, at least they had draws on.

Peace to the rapid decline of our society!

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