Guide to Getting Ripped

Newbie Guide To Looking Good

Below is the non bullshit version of how to get ripped and toned. Everyone will start out as in life with different challenges but following this guide should get you to a beach body to get toned! What is toned? Being toned It is when you have muscle, and when you have a low enough body fat percentage so that this muscle can be seen. But first lets get a few things straight.

Rule 1: Everyone has their own unique beach body. Do not expect to look like any poplar fitness buff or body builder after following this. This is a guide to get a beach body and bring our your very own special genetic qualities. If you are not genetically endowed to have 32 inch arms do not expect them at the end of this. But if you have some 14 inch arms , those arms will look nice! If your hips are extremely wide, you might cut down a bit, but some of that is genetic and its not going anywhere. So you will not be looking like anyone else but you will look like a better you! ( (“better”) by today’s American societal standards of aesthetics.

Rule 2 : Have some muscle. If you have the slightest bit of muscle then you are in business. How do you know that you have muscle? Well flex really hard to see? If you Flex and hold it long enough and you start to feel the lactic acid burn…or even just feel some internal object move (without pain or a crunching noise)  then you my friend have what it takes. If you still do not know by flexing go see a doctor. Seriously, if that’s you schedule an appointment NOW!

Rule 3: Throw away the myths and approach this with a fresh mind, a positive mind!.

Get rid of the following ideas:

  • Lighter weights and higher reps are for tone,
  • Machines are for tone
  • Heavy weights and lower reps are for tone.
  • All carbohydrates need to be removed.
  • Supplements will do the work for you

If you approach everyday as if its new. You will improve. But no rule is concrete. If something works for you! Follow it until it does not work anymore.

Rule 4: Forget the scale. Take body shots! If you want improvement literally take pictures of yourself and body parts and compare them often if not daily. The scale means very little unless you are competing. Measurements mean very little as well. What matters is visually seeing the results! People judge one another by looking not measuring and weighing, so should you. Unfortunately, there are perverts men and women who will hold this against you even try to hack your phone and computer for these pictures. I mean if celebrities fall victim, so can you.  But who gives a damn, life is short, so look at your self be your own critic and forget the negative!

Rule 5: Lose the fat covering your muscle. Yup its that simple. At this point if you have any negative thought creeping in your mind. Go back to Rule 3! Now make a daily Mantra of Rule 3. Done now lets proceed to how to lose the fat,

Rule 6: Do not try to lose weight Fast. The faster you lose weight, the faster it will return.

The Process:

  1. Flush with 2-3 gallons of water daily. Carry your gallon jug with you. Drink a half a Gallon upon waking up.
  2. Carbohydrate restriction not elimination! Eat only slow processing carbs!
  3. Simple sugar elimination. (This is key!)
  4. Aerobic class workout; minimum 2 days out the week. The elliptical machine for an hour, 4 days out the week.
  5. Squats and lunges without complication. (No power lifting, body squats will be fine)
  6. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.

That’s it.  If you’re new to working out, it’s not rocket science. Just get out there and get started!

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