Music is everywhere. It’s all ever present. It’s ubiquitous. Because of this, you would think it’s easy to find something different and new.  You can think that and you’d be wrong. New and different exists, but is often relegated to the deep background while the public is inundated by a tidal wave of multimillionaire mega-artists .

New and different is not always good. New and different is not always fresh. But at times, it can be all of those things and more. When good music happens we all win.  New and different is what you can definitely call  How else can you describe a Dominican who listens to German Schlagermusic except to call him “different?” But is not just new and different, he’s also good. Very good.

His music is soulful and happy.  Tracks like “Let’s Ride” are reminiscent of early 90s Hip Hop without being blatantly plagaristic. It’s just a happy song, that makes you want to grab your girl and go for a ride. is an artist who makes happy music, which shouldn’t strike you as a surprise when you find out who his favorite artist is.  We got down with for some Q&A to find out more about the new and different kid on the block.


How would you describe you describe your style?

Experimental and universal.

What makes you so universal?

Yes I’m experimental and universal. Why I’m saying that is because I’m like a Jukebox, that’s why my EP is called “Something Different – The JukeBox”. Music is a way to express yourself, so I’m a crazy person I like pop, merengue, kuduro, trap, dance, EDM, R&B and Hip Hop I even listen to German Schlagermusic. So why should an artist be limited on one music genre ? I know it’s risky, especially if you want to get signed but since I’m an independent artist I can do whatever I want to and people can see different sides of me.

What sets you apart from other artist?

Well that I know the business side and the artist side of the music business. Because lots of artists out there they don’t know nothing besides doing music. It’s okay to know how to be an artist but if you know the business side nobody can fuck you up.

How did you get involved in the music industry? What’s your background story?

I was born in the Dominican Republic so that’s why I always loved music, my mom told me that she always played Bachata, Merengue and Michael Jackson songs while I was in her belly.
The answer about how I did get into the music industry well the Entertainment Business is my world and I always knew that.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen since you’ve been in this business?

Hmm… well depends on what you mean by CRAZIEST THING. But yes something that was really crazy.. People I don’t even know started to ask me money.

What’s surprised you the most about trying to breakthrough?

That as soon as you leave the country where you grew up they respect you more. I’m always travelling back and forth between Los Angeles and Switzerland and LA people really supported me and that’s what an artist needs support and a chance to perform and show what they can offer.

Who’s your favorite artist right now?

My favorite artist is Pharrell!

What about Pharrell makes him your favorite artist?

I met him in Switzerland few years ago and we talked for a bit. Pharrell is a person that inspires people with his music. Check his releases, his persona, etc. he has everything what an artist needs to be successful.

If you could work with any artist dead or alive who would it be?

If I could I would work with Pharrell or 50 Cent.

What’s one piece of advice you wish someone had given you before you started?

Uff… Well that you need lots of money if you’re an independent artist if you really want to make it and to get out there and just perform because that’s the way you can generate REAL fans!

Why should people listen to your music? There’s a lot our there. What makes your music worth it?

Why ? Nowadays people like to explore music since there are so many artists out there and I’m delivering something different.

Something different, indeed.  You can find more of and his eclectic, yet fun music on iTunes, BeatsMusic, iHeartRadio, Spotify, AmazonMP3, Soundcloud…pretty much everywhere.


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