Native American Tribe To Open Weed Resort

Like the majoriy of the world, I’ve never been to South Dakota.  Up until yesterday I’d never wanted to go either, but both of those things may change soon.  The Santee Sioux are about to step up the weed selling game.

According to CNBC,  “Santee Sioux leaders plan to grow their own pot and sell it in a smoking lounge that includes a nightclub, arcade games, bar and food service, and eventually, slot machines and an outdoor music venue.”

The Santee Sioux have the right idea and hopefully others recognize that this is a pretty great idea. Offering weed “experiences” is where the money is. A place where you can smoke (or ingest) marijuana and relax/have a time is the best idea I’ve heard since weed inhalers. Tribal President Anthony Reider describes it like as being a future “adult playground,” adding that there is “nowhere else in America that has something like this.”

It’s 2015, just having weed to sell is no longer enough.  People are becoming sophisticated pot heads and sophisticated pot heads need more than just a dirty bong to smoke bush weed. The type of person that uses weed, either recreationally or medicinally, has changed over the past decade and a half.  All types of people smoke now. Just go to a sporting event, concert, cruise, or go to the beach and odds are there will be someone there using weed to make everything more awesome. This is the concept that the Santee Sioux understand pretty well. Creating that adult playground where people can safely and legally use marijuana isn’t just a good idea for people who love weed, but it’s a great idea for people who love business and money.

Estimates from the tribe put monthly revenue in the range of $2 million.  $24 million a year selling weed in South Dakota roughly translate to about a billion dollars in the rest of America, so this will be a very profitable endeavor. The first joint goes on sale December 31 of this year, so get your tickets to South Dakota (do they even have airplanes there?)


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