Monsters Of Hip Hop

Hip hop hasn’t always been dresses and skirts. There are some real monsters in hip hop. But who are these monsters of hip hop? And what makes them monsters? We decided it wasn’t just enough to be a beast on the mic, you also need to be a beast in the streets. So a monster of hip hop is someone who’ll spar with you in the cypher and then potentially rob you at the dice game afterward.
Here are 8 monsters of hip hop. By no means is this list all-inclusive and it’s not a ranking. Just a conversation.

Monsters of hip hop. Stay away from these cats, they’re dangerous.
Big Lurch

When you think about the monsters of hip hip, you absolutely have to think about Big Lurch. A real monster. How much of a monster? Well, he got on his Jeffrey Dahmer shit and ate his friend. Yes, he got high on PCP and ate his friend’s lung. Lurch wasn’t a slouch on the microphone, either. While no one is going to argue that he was on B.I.G./Pac status, Big Lurch definitely had talent. His heavy voice and witty wordplay made him a definite force on the mic. If you eat a woman, you get mentioned first when we talk about monsters of hip hop. That’s the rule.


Pimp C

“You ain’t a pimp, you’se a fairy.” And with that line Pimp C proved his status as one of the certified monsters of hip hop. With Chad Butler it was never so much that he had witty wordplay, or clever punchlines, but god damn he was a force to be reckoned with. The Pimp did four years in the pen, for aggravated assault. He got into it with a woman in a mall and pulled a gun on her. Who does that? Pimp C did that. That’s who. RIP.

Tray Deee

Big Tray Deee is the reason why Snoop Dogg thinks he’s tough. Snoop is not tough. Snoop may be a lyrical monster, but Tray Deee is the truth. Tray Deee’s voice has always set him apart from the majority of rappers. He has the ability to talk about the streets in a way where you know he’s telling the truth. Tray Deee should have taken his own advice. He brought his strap, so he had to trip. In 2005, Mr. Davis was sentenced to a dozen years in prison for attempted murder. He ultimately served 9 years.

If that’s not enough to make him one of the bona fide monsters of hip hop I once saw Tray Deee in concert. At this concert the stage got rushed by about a billion Bloods and every single Crip at the concert (most of them were on stage) vacated the premises. Every Crip except for Tray Deee. He stood there and challenged the Red Sea, before one of his boys dragged him away. Monster.



One of the true monsters of hip hop. C-Murder beat up and killed a fan. Murder-One murdered a rival gang member. Neither one of these guys are exceptional rappers. But who’s going to tell them that? I certainly will not. C-Murder told us in “Down For My Niggaz” that if you fuck with him “you die.” Someone should have told that 16 year old that.


Beanie Sigel

What can I say about Beans? Beanie Sigel is a lyrical monster. His debut album, while not a classic, is definitely excellent. But what makes him one of the true monsters of hip hop are his out of the booth antics. I don’t have enough space to write about all of the nefarious shit that Beanie Sigel has been accused or convicted of. What I can do is remind everyone that Beanie was so incorrigible that when the judge said he would release Beanie to Jay-Z’s custody, making Jay responsible for the Broad Street Bully, Jay-Z promptly told the judge to go to hell. How bad are you when your homeboy won’t get you out of jail? Pretty god damned bad. Or that’s not your real homeboy…

Honorable Mentions: E-40, C-Bo, Project Pat, MC Hammer, RBX, Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E., Rick Ross (he’s the worst kind of monster: a cop.)

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