Model Portfolio: Meet Liz

A lot of people want to model, but not everyone has what it has to create a strong model portfolio. Liz is someone who has what it takes.  This Southern California native is a modeling newcomer, but all that means is we all get to watch her on the rise.  Check out her gallery and interview below.  Pretty face and nice curves?What more could you ask for?

What made you get into modeling?  When did you start adding to your model portfolio?

I never saw myself as a model never thought I would get the opportunity until I met Tiana, a makeup artist, who  contacted me on IG. I love the fact that women can express themselves through photography, at all sizes.

What makes you feel sexiest?

That special night I get all dolled up from head to  toe. I like wearing sexy heals.

What’s your perfect day look like?

A day that’s all about me waking up and getting some fresh air while hiking or siteseeing. Also Catching up with friends at a new or retro café spot. Topping of the night in the city with my sexy heels on.

How does a guy grab your attention?

Tall, dark and handsome but personality keeps my attention. I like a guy that could make me laugh and keeps life exciting.

What’s the one thing that a guy can do that drives you crazy, in a good way?

A guy that remembers the small details.

What’s something about you that people would be shocked to find out?

In 2012 I was diagnosed with Lupus it was a big shock to me and my family it’s always been in the back of mind but life goes on, you can’t let things bring you down. Always move on and have a positive outlook on life!

Three words to describe yourself.

Strong, loving and caring.

Keep an eye out for Liz as her model portfolio continues to grow and get stronger. She’s definitely one to watch!

Photography: @tsmallsphoto

Makeup: @tsmallsmakeup

More of Liz’ model portfolio: @cali_doll10

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