Megyn Mason Talks About Sex With Girls

Megyn Mason Talks About Sex With Girls

We were able to link up with the stunning Megyn Mason, who hails from California’s Inland Empire. Megyn Mason is webcam model, weed enthusiast, and lover of women.  After our shoot with her, we asked her a few questions about life as Megyn. Check out the candid interview and awesome images.

What’s a day in the life of Megyn Mason look like?  

Every day is different. But I always wake up and smoke a bowl. Got to. Wake-n-Bake.

How long have you been modeling?

I have been modeling professionally for about 3 years.

Why do you model?

Because it is the best job ever. It actually started because my hubby was always taking my picture and having me play dress up for photoshoots at home. So now those nights when it’s photoshoot time at my house, I jump on webcam and get paid too.


What makes you feel sexiest? 

When I catch my husband staring at me from across a crowded club or room. OOOOOHHHHHH and my sexy stripper heels!!!! I love heels!!!

How can a guy catch your attention? 

When he has a hot girlfriend!!! I’m totally into chicks.

You like girls? 

Of Course!! Who doesn’t?

So you’re bisexual?  

Okay. I wouldn’t say bisexual.  But I don’t like all girls just some. Im picky with my pussy.

What is it about girls you like? How can a girl catch your eye? 

When they look like girls.  Look as good as me. And have on great shoes.

Any modeling horror stories?

Horror stories? Ummmm, no not really. Unless you consider naked in the freezing snow a horror story. I got a “whore” story though.

What’s the weirdest request you’ve ever gotten on webcam? 

I have had a few. SPH- small penis humiliation. Paint my toenails. Payphone dialing. Shoe fucking fetish. Discipline by grounding and putting in punishment. Oh!! Here’s a good one, my husband will like this. Lick his balls, specifically. I should write a book.

This is a question we’ve started asking all of our models, because it’s funny. Do guys send you a lot of unsolicited dick picks?

Yes, plenty. I welcome and encourage them. Please send them to care of TSmalls.[ed. note Please don’t.]

Favorite position?

I don’t have just one. I like them all.  And if sucking dick is a position, I like that too. “I eat kids.”  Haha.

Random question: Which word is worse used or moist? 

They are both pretty bad. Haha, but I’m gonna say “used,” is worse. Because you can say, “you make my pussy moist.” And that’s not bad. But saying “you used my pussy,” or “my pussy is used” isn’t so nice.

Where can we see more of you and what do you have planned in the future? 

Lots of naked stuff for the future for Megyn Mason.  Check out my website and on twitter @megynmason xxx or get Free Porn at


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