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Make Your Own Weed Flour

Weed flour, or canna-flour, is a great base for all of your weed cooking. This simple weed flour recipe will have you baking weed baked goods in no time!

Cooking with weed is fun, but it’s also a pretty valuable delivery system for many people who either cannot or do not want to smoke. We’ve covered making weed butter, which is the most basic of all ways to cook with marijuana and today we’re back to give you a simple recipe for making weed flour.

Why would you want to make weed flour? Well, for one because it’s weed made from flour. But more importantly, when cooking with weed you’ll find that a lot of recipes are just for brownies, cookies, and other sweets where it’s easy to incorporate the weed butter or oil.  Weed flour allows you to expand your weed culinary repertoire. You can use the flour in breads, cakes, or dredge your chicken with it. Basically anywhere you can use flour, you can use weed flour.

The directions are pretty straight forward.  Before you start, just beware that this takes a lot of weed. So if you’re down to your last eighth you may want to wait until you re-up.

1. Remove all stems and seeds from the weed buds. Then stop smoking weed with stems and seeds. The buds and flowers have the highest concentrations of cannabinoids. Remove any stems or seeds and allow the buds to dry thoroughly. You really want your buds to be very dry. Sticky weed won’t grind up good and will become a paste.

2. Use a food processor that has fairly sharp blades. If you don’t have a food processor use a good coffee or spice grinder or even a really good blender. The goal is to make a fine powder almost like flour itself. Keep grinding until you see almost everything is becoming dust-like. It might take a few minutes to get it right. You want this to be the consistency of flour.

3. You may find that you still have some unground buds. Use a  strainer or flour sifter over a bowl to separate the ground and unground parts. You should have only a little bit, if much at all, unground.  Feel free to regrind any buds that didn’t make the cut first time. Set aside the bowl of marijuana flour for now.

4. The marijuana’s potency will be degraded by oxidation if not stored properly. Use an airtight container, glass jars work best. Vacuum sealing will pretty well, tool. Store in the refrigerator for best results.If you plan on using it later two days after grinding, you should just freeze it. But keep in mind, the longer it goes unused the more the THC and CBD in the weed will degrade.

5. The last step is to use it. Weed flour is not something you can just replace all of the flour in your recipe with. But you can about 10-15% in substitution for real flour. So if a recipe calls for a 2 cup of flour, you would use about 1/4 cup of weed flour and the rest real flour. You can play with the ratios if you’d like, but remember it’s always better to err on the side of caution and use less. Just eat more of whatever you made.


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