Why Make A Baby…When You Can Fake A Baby?

Have you ever wanted to have a baby shower, but didn’t want to actually get pregnant and risk losing that awesome figure?

Have you ever had a guy want to end a relationship with you, so you told him you were pregnant when you really weren’t?

Have you ever just wanted to get your parents and friends off your back and have them stop asking you when you’re going to marry and have kids?

Are you trying to get rid of your deadbeat boyfriend before tax season? Before cuffing season ends?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you need the services of FakeABaby.com. The good folks over at Fake A A Baby have answered the call from many a thot and slattern. For a mere $9.95 you can order a fake ultrasound with your name on it and everything. They also have fake pregnancy tests and medical printouts.  If you want to go over the top you can even order a fake belly if you really need to sell it.

So go ahead ladies, go out there and fake a baby and get your Christmas money up.

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