Listen Up: E-Money – “Champagne Toast”

Blowing in from The Windy City,rapper E-Money delivers his smooth, old school  styled track, reminiscent of Robin Leach’s tagline of Champagne Wishes and Caviar dreams from the TV show,  “Lifestyle of The Rich and Famous”.

In this infectious, 70’s feel hit, he brings out that Chi-Town bravado and bluster while “speaking about toasting champagne to achievements and dropping jewels throughout the song, while giving off dope vibes.”  His delivery is perfect and makes it easy to follow along and relate to this catchy, rhythmic, sure to be hit song.

One of the things that caught my ear was the beat, which had an old school blaxploitation movie feel to it, was produced by Soundstarz. Made with no sample at all, which is becoming increasingly rare in music, it goes perfect with the theme of the song and his voice.

In order to get an honest opinion about the track, he said that he “sat with the record, letting a couple people close to me listen to the record getting dope feedback. The feel of the record was undeniable”

The song will be an instant hit with fans of his from Chicago and definitely has the potential to be huge outside of Chicago, it has that feel of success and positivity of believing in yourself. “So continuing to be successful is always a good feeling, but the focus will always be to do it for yourself.”

Being in the business for seven years, E-Money cites Nipsey Hussle as his current biggest influence because of his business acumen and “how he created his platform and his clothing brand and his ideas are very motivating. One of the biggest influences for my clothing/brand.”

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  1. Archon79 September 1, 2015 at 11:43 am -

    Very good article and analysis of the song. I like E-money’s flow, definitely liked the beat although I think it might be too slow for a club hit.