don king is a murderer

Let Us Never Forget: Don King Is An Idiot And A Murderer

Don King is back in the news, because God took Wednesday off.

In front of a room of GOP Trump supporters Mr “Only In America” decided to drop the N-bomb.

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I am no even a little afraid of the word “nigga” or “nigger.” I use it in mixed company.  I use it around Black people. I use it around white people, too.  Why should I discriminate?

But where Don and I differ is that I never let white people use me as their joke.  Don King and I differ in two other places, also.

First, I’m not an idiot. There are so many instances we can point to that illustrate Mr. King’s idiocy. But perhaps one of my favorite (if you can call it that) happened when he was promoting a fight in Texas, back in 2012.  At a presser for the fight, he said:

“We even brought in a Mexican-American to give him a chance to get out and be at the front of the forefront. No more wetbacks running up and down picking the fruits and things. Now, we’re rolling, you know what I mean.”

No wonder Donald Trump loves him so much. Neither of them are aware that Mexican-Americans are more than just fruit-picking racists and murderers.

The second and perhaps most important major way I differ from Don King is that I’m not a murderer. That’s right. Don King, the man who is out there stumping for a man who has claimed to be the “Law and Order Candidate,” once murdered a man.

Way back in 1966, King killed a man with his bare hands and feet. The story goes that Sam Garrett, a man who had formerly been in the employ of King’s illegal numbers racket, was in a bar having a good time, when King walked in and spotted him. Garrett had owed King $600 on a bet and hadn’t paid up.

At that point Don King did what any logical individual would do: he pistol whipped Garrett, who was significantly smaller than King, and stomped him to death.  For his crime of beating the life out of a man, King was convicted of second degree murder. Even though he tried his best, with bribes and witness intimidation, to get off scott free King was sentenced to a paltry four years in prison.

So, when you see Don King out saying that Donald Trump is the type of president we need, just remember: Don King is an idiot and a murderer. No one’s listening to him.


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