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Is Internet Dating For Me? Or Is It Just For Weirdos?

Intro to Internet Dating

The idea of dating someone you met online scares a lot of people. It can seem dangerous, and let’s be honest, sometimes it is dangerous. People might think that it is impersonal and is geared toward people who are socially awkward or ugly or have no way to get a date “in the real world.” With these assumptions and more behind the concept, it’s no wonder many singles don’t give internet dating a second glance.

Nevertheless, more and more people are learning the truth: these assumptions are inaccurate and can keep you from creating long lasting connections, both romantic and platonic online. As internet dating, and mobile dating, become more and more popular, it’s more and more difficult for some people to stay away, no matter what they believe or how much they want to.

Find the Truth

If you have stayed away from internet dating because it seems a little scary, please know that you are not the only one. However, if you want to find companionship, love or friendship and aren’t having success through any of the old-fashioned ways, you might want to reassess your decision to stay away from online dating.

Before you commit yourself to any one choice, it will help to evaluate the expectations you’re carrying. If you think that internet dating is hazardous, anonymous, or only for the socially awkward, take the time to examine these ideas to find out whether or not they are indeed grounded in fact and not fear.

Talk to People

The best way to find out the truth about internet dating is to simply ask people who have experience with it. Chances are that you know more than a couple of people who have put up a profile on an online dating site or app and have connected with numerous people that way. You may know someone who met a significant other or even a spouse online. These are the people whose opinions you should seek.

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It’s absolutely important that you talk to more than one person, though, so you get a truthful picture of what it means to date online. A sample size of one never makes a good survey. One good or bad experience might color your view of internet dating in a way that isn’t accurate, but you should get a well-rounded point of view if you talk to several people who have tried it.

Do Your Research

In addition to talking to people who have dated online, do some reading on the subject. There are numerous articles online (some good, some bad) that can be particularly helpful. Make sure that the information you get seems to come from a balanced perspective, and that it pertains to the specific type of internet dating you are thinking about pursuing. You want to make sure that the source you’re reading doesn’t have a vested interest in steering you one way or another. For example, may not be the best place to turn to for a fair and balanced perspective on online dating, seeing as how they have a vested interest in getting you onboard. That’s not to say that there aren’t good tips from these sources, just make sure you consider the source.

Make Your Own Decision

Most importantly, please make sure that the decision you make about internet dating is one that you reach on your own. At the end of the day, it really does not matter what anyone else thinks about the choice as long as you are happy with it and can live with it.

If you explore and decide that there’s a good chance you could meet someone special online, follow internet dating regardless of what family members and friends might think. You might have to tolerate a few negative comments now and then, but the people who doubt your choice will think again after they see you’ve found love and are happy. And if they don’t, who cares?

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