Hero Walks Off With $1.6 Million In Gold Flakes

We’ve all had the thought. You’re at Walmart, 7-11, or your local bank and you see the armored car picking up or dropping off money and you think to yourself “If I could just get a bag of that loot…”

Well, one New York man not only had the thought, but he had the balls to follow through. The hero of who I speak was just walking down the street in New York when he saw an armored truck with the back door open. Surveillance tapes show the man walked past the open truck at first. Upon realizing that the truck was indeed unattended the man grabbed a bucket of gold and walked off.

A bucket of gold.

The aluminum bucket contained 86 pounds of gold flakes and is valued at more than $1.6 million. Our champion, who according to reports is a small man of no more than 150 lbs, was able to pick up a bucket half his weight and shuffle off in front of two guards.

In the surveillance tapes two guards can be seen milling about the front of the truck completely unaware that they’ve just been robbed.

NYPD still haven’t solved the robbery, which took place on September 29 in midtown Manhattan, and are actively seeking our hero. The police, do however, have a lead as they believe that the man may already be in Florida.

They say opportunity only knocks once, and this gentleman damn sure answered the door.

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