Gun Maker Develops “Homemade” Gun To Game Gun Buy Back Programs

Gun buy back programs are notoriously ineffective and counter to public safety. There’s the issue of “dirty” guns being turned in anonymously, which means more gun crimes go unsolved.  Also, a lot of times gun enthusiasts gather up trash guns and trade them in for cash, so they can buy better guns. Awesome loophole/come up.

But here’s a gentleman who’s taking this loophole to the extreme. Mark Serbu is a gun designer and builder in Florida who came up with a design for a four piece gun that can be made with the sole purpose of turning it in at a buy back program. And when programs are paying upwards of $250 for shitty guns, why not? If you look at the video, though, you’ll see that this “homemade” gun is really only homemade if you have a full gunsmith shop in your home. Sadly, I do not. So no homemade guns for me…yet.

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