The Government Has Failed Us

The system and political process in the United States has failed us all. It’s failed you. Me. Our families. All of us.

And quite frankly, we’re all partly to blame. We are easily swayed by talking points and words.

Politicians, Bernie and Hillary, get on podiums and sell us either dreams or lies. and that’s what this primary comes down to. One person says they’re someone they aren’t and they just are not even a person at times. The other sells us dreams that probably can’t be, but he’s kept his policies clear, real, and thoughtful for 30+ years. Just won’t happen because the system doesn’t allow it.

It’s the system. We need to stop being fanboys and girls. And look at the real. Hillary sucks ass. Ok. Let’s hold her accountable and stop giving her passes. You’re about to be President? DON’T FUCK THIS UP! Don’t be selfish. Do the right thing. Don’t sell out like you have time and time again (and you don’t get on the board of Walmart without selling out, don’t even start).

Be transparent 100%. Be real. Berners understand what he wants to do is unlikely. But just like Obama he gives them a hope.

If you’re 22, with student debt, can’t find a job but owe 500 a month and really hope you get that job at target… then this dude comes by lookin’ like Uncle Bernie and says, “Hey, young person. Guess what? For the past 30 years I felt like you didn’t need to pay that bill. No other 1st world country does!”

You’d be mad as hell. Is it realistic in our bought political system? Probably not. But they’ll buy that over someone that isn’t “100” as the kids say.

The system needs to fix itself. We need money poured in so that lobbyists can ask these politicians to do the right things instead of the wrong ones.

The two party system has their groups more concerned with power and money than the country. And so they’ll hand out excuses to the puppet assholes they want in power.

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