GoPro And NHL To Team Up

I don’t watch hockey, but this still seems like it might be cool.  The NHL, NHL Player’s Association, and GoPro are teaming up to provide exclusive behind the scenes content.

The partnership will culminate withe  production of NHL After DarkThe 11-part series will provide hockey fans with unprecedented access to players and players’ training. Each episode will feature current NHL players training with NHL greats such as  Mike Murphy and Mike Johnson.

According to GoPro executive producer, Bill McCullough, the goal with the NHL After Dark series is to “transport the hockey fan directly onto the ice with an up-close and personal look at some of the NHL’s most talented players.”

You’ll be able to watch the series on the GoPro Channel and the GoPro App, channels owned and powered by the NHL and the NHLPA, including the NHL Network, and the NHL®App, YouTube, and on the social media channels of GoPro, the NHL and the NHLPA. So, basically everywhere.

The series drops Feb. 3.



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