go travel, don't wait

Go Travel. Now. Seriously. Do It Now.

Don’t Wait to Travel, 4 Reasons to Go Travel Now

Many people would love to go travel around the world; at the same time you’ll also find a lot of people who will feel that now is not the perfect time to do it. They think there is no way to afford to pay for it, feeling that it is something that they will just do when already retired or . It is a great misconception on their part, one which makes them lose a great deal of opportunities and even experience.

Don’t wait until you’re too old to enjoy traveling to do it.  There’s nothing worse than being on an awesome trip and seeing an old person taking a nap.  I feel sorry for them. They’ve worked their whole lives to save up and travel and now they’re just sleeping in awesome places around the world.

Now is actually the ideal time.

You’ve heard the old saying: Tomorrow isn’t promised. You may get hit by a bus on the way to work, get attacked by a shark, or (if you’re a Black male) get murdered by the police. As the saying goes, don’t put off tomorrow, what can be done today. Follow your heart and go travel now. It knows what’s right for you. Get out and see new things.

You aren’t getting any younger.

The future will be right here in no time, and soon you will be too old or even unhealthy to travel. Why spend the most useful days of your lifetime procrastinating something you need to do until the horrible days of your life? It’s surprising how fast the years seem to pass by. I may not be a very elderly person, but let me inform you, there is absolutely no time like the present-day. Pretty soon, you will more mature, wiser, and full of too many regrets. If you have regrets in the future, they should be from doing things, not from not doing things.

You gain knowledge and Acquire knowledge

People have regularly used traveling as a way of studying. It is a practical means of acquiring knowledge. If you wish to discover more about a particular country, nothing beats traveling there yourself and learning about the culture firsthand. Being immersed in a culture beats reading about a culture, everyday of the week.

Moreover, it is the easiest way of learning a foreign language. You want to learn Portuguese? You’ll learn a lot more Portuguese in 3 weeks in Brazil than you will in 15 weeks at the learning annex. Plus, it’s Brazil.

Provides a Fresh Perspective

You know how last week, you went to Starbucks (or Popeye’s…I don’t know where you eat) and they were out of your favorite beverage? I bet that ruined your day.  Traveling can help with that.  Leave your comfortable life for a few days and see how the rest of the world lives.  You may not be the 1% in this country, but you’re closer to being the 1% in the world.  Travel to any country in the Caribbean. Then go travel 20 minutes away from your resort. You’ll see a vastly different world.

I’m not saying that the rest of the world is destitute. I’m saying that being able to see how the rest of the world is living can add so much needed perspective to the average American’s privileged life.

I can give you a list of a million reasons why you should travel. And you could give me a million more as to why you can’t or shouldn’t.  But the bottom line is you should go travel as far and wide as you can, because possessions depreciate, but experiences don’t. So go travel the world and build as many experiences as you can.



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