Pretty Cop Gets Grief

This Is Exactly How You Do Not Interact With The Police

Dealing with the police sucks. When you get pulled over, or at least when I do, I sweat, I get nervous, I feel like I want to vomit and run simultaneously. And that’s when I haven’t even done anything.

So imagine how you feel when you’re in a traffic stop and you just want to take your damn ticket and go, but your girl refuses to stop antagonizing the officer. Now imagine if the cop who stopped you was attractive.

That’s what happened in this video from Cranston, Rhode Island. The video starts after the traffic stop and we see the driver – a dude who clearly doesn’t want any static with the police – trying to do his best to comply with the officer’s requests. Any calm in the video lasts for about 2.75 seconds. Once the officer asks the passenger for her ID, everything goes off the rails.

You can watch the video for yourself, but the best part is when the driver tells his girl that he’s got weed in the car and he implores her to just be quiet. Any man can tell you that the quickest way to make your woman keep talking is to tell her that she needs to shut her yap.

The video is labeled as being an illegal search, but it’s not, because Rhode Island is a “stop and identify” state. So if the cops ask you who you are, you kind of have to tell them or you just broke the law and gave them probable cause to rifle through all of your shit.

Also, remember, when you film the police there are two sides to that coin. Like the officer said, once she was filmed she had to write the ticket. Pick your battles.

I bet if the cop was ugly the passenger wouldn’t have given her so much attitude.

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