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Everyone Has A Gimmick

Meet Roger Ramos. He’s a rapper. As far as rapping goes, he’s not horrible. He’s got a decent flow and he can rhyme words together. To call yourself a rapper, that’s about all you need.  And some rappers have gotten by without being able to do either.

But for Roger, who goes by conscience he decided to dress up like a nerd for his “Geek Cypher.” The song isn’t half bad if you can get past the gimmick. Unfortunately, I cannot.

I’m a hip hop purest. I even hated the Rapping Duke.

Gimmicks are wack. If you’re a rapper, just grab a mic and rap like your life depends on it. Save the gimmicks for after you made it.

Look, I truly understand what it takes to put yourself out there and I’m not here to make fun of anyone’s dream or vision. Kudos to conscience for the effort. But this gimmicky shit falls flat. But here’s the thing, he’s got better songs.

“Syko Cypher V” is actually good. Seriously, just listen to it.  The kid has bars.

If I were him I’d hold onto the gimmick-y nonsense until he got big.

That’s what Snoop did.

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